Dear Parents and Dancers,

It is with a heavy heart that I share the information provided to me from Furman University regarding the status of holding events at this time:

“Due to the safety considerations regarding large gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic the University has decide to cancel all events this spring (May/June) and possibly into the summer. This was a difficult conclusion to reach, but everyone’s safety and health is our top priority” – Danielle Hernandez

I agree with their decision, no matter how much it hurts not to be able to hold recital this year, celebrate recital “firsts” or “lasts”, but feel that this decision is one that needs to be respected. Health and safety for our staff, dance families and extended family is our main concern. As dancers, we are in close proximity at all times and social distancing on a stage would be impossible to practice, let alone in an auditorium, backstage, lobby area or even a classroom. 

Danielle went on to explain the next steps:

“Please be aware that even when events resume, there are likely to be additional restrictions; social distancing, temperature checks, medical support, and audience attendance limitations and spacing. These are things that could take place if things aren’t back to “normal”. We are trying to maintain optimism for a return to shows and sharing your talents and performers joy.” – Danielle Hernandez

At this time, we will not be returning to the studio for the remainder of the dance season, but will continue to offer live streaming classes through the week of May 15th.  

So where does this leave us? Unworn costumes? No performance? Well…

We would love to offer an opportunity for your dancer to “perform” in their costume with us on a Zoom meeting where we can see them, they can see us as well as their classmates and perform their recital dance! You can share the meeting ID number, or email invite, to grandparents so they can also join in and watch!  

I will be emailing all information pertaining to the Zoom Virtual Recital per class. Performance times will be held within the hour/day of their regularly scheduled class time that they were attending at the studio. 

For the two daycares that we go to, I will look at an after work time on your scheduled day. 

Don’t worry; I will make sure that information is all in the email ☺ (you will need to have the zoom app in order to participate. Zoom is a closed circuit that is by invitation only.) Keep practicing dancers!!

I am also working with Mitchell Photography on coming up with a solution for providing a way to offer pictures and be socially distant. We are looking into sometime in June and I hope to be able to update you at the end of May. We want to be able to offer you that keepsake!

To the families that paid the recital fee (due date of May 1st), I will be issuing a refund shortly. I appreciate your patience!

Summer classes and camps that are scheduled for July are still on! Please check the website for information on these as well as fall classes.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Be safe, stay healthy and keep the faith!