Ballet – As the foundation for all other dance  forms, it is important that students master the fundamentals,  vocabulary, alignment and discipline intrinsic in this art form.  Students will follow a progressive path of comprehensive,  age-appropriate, outcome-based guidelines to insure the highest quality  ballet training for students of all ages and skill levels. The focus  centers on instilling a love and respect for the art form based on skill  mastery, self-awareness, and the joy of movement.

Jazz – This is an upbeat class that is  offered to students with basic ballet technique. The class consists of  conditioning, stretching, isolations and building core strength.  Students will learn basic jazz skills that will enable them to perform  combinations in the style of jazz along with artistic movements.

Tap – This high-energy class teaches not  only the basic skills/steps of tap dancing, but incorporates the use of  different rhythms and syncopation. Students will also learn how to  articulate the feet in order to achieve the correct technique.

Contemporary/Modern – This form of dance  combines both the modern dance elements and the classical ballet  elements. Students will learn techniques such as contract-release, fall  and recovery, floor work and improvisation. Students will also explore  the use of expression within the movement itself, so as to convey a  certain emotion, story or idea.

Hip-Hop – Learn fun, hip moves straight  from the streets of New York, Chicago and L.A., arranged to develop  coordination and intricate isolations. These moves will be challenging  yet broken down, so that the beginner, intermediate and advanced dancer  can follow and build the styling of a true street hip-hop dancer.           

Preschool/Kindergarten – These classes are  focused on early childhood development by incorporating locomotor,  rhythmic and creative movement skills, through both ballet and tap dance  genres. These skills will enable them to progress to the combination  class level at the appropriate time/age.