About Us


Dear fellow Parents and Students,

It is our Commitment to provide a safe,  family-oriented, fun and positive dance experience. Our classes are  developed and taught by highly qualified dance teachers with our  thoughts and work centered on meeting the individual needs of each  dancer.

Our primary Focus is child and dancer dependent; we  offer dance classes ranging from three years-of-age to adult  instruction. Our early childhood development classes begin at age three  and are designed to explore music, movement and the interaction with  other children. As the children grow and learn, we increase the level to  proactively nurture, challenge and expand their dance skills. We maintain age appropriate movement to ensure positive goal achievement. As the dancers progress through age and ability, we design our classes  to promote strength and flexibility with the proper physical technique, taught by our highly qualified dance teachers.

Our Teachers possess the skills and credentials to  teach dance. All of us have spent a life time with the Love of Dance, we  have studied dance and have earned degrees to ensure that our teaching  methods are of the highest technical quality. We continuously update our  skills by attending classes, workshops and forums. Our life-time  commitment to dance brings us here and it is our love for children that  creates our desire to share, teach and mentor children in our Art.

Please come celebrate with us our Love for Dance.


Mrs. Cindy Nunweiler

"The studio is well managed and it's a relief not to be fielding complaints from our dancer, as we have had to do with other studios."